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Go It Together!

The more the merrier! That’s our slogan at On Trak Transportation. We specialize in people traveling in groups using our 55-passenger motor coach and our 25-passenger mini coach. Our vehicles can drive a variety travelers to an endless number of destinations! Here are just a few examples: employees going to their company retreat site, wedding parties headed to the reception, a sports team trekking to a tournament, a group of skiers headed for a resort, oenophiles touring California wine country…. The list goes on.

Here are some of the advantages of group travel.

You won’t have to worry as much about planning or costs. Arranging things with our On Trak experts means you’ll have one fewer thing to worry about, which will leave you free to focus on the trip ahead!

You can experience new things. All trips offer opportunities for learning new stuff, but traveling in a group can give you the chance to explore a place with seasoned travelers who might be able to offer insider knowledge and teach you more about the area.

You can bond with and learn more about your acquaintances, friends and family. Traveling in clusters allows for creating shared experiences with them, which can lead to stronger relationships and even inside jokes. You’ll learn more about them, from their personal tastes to how they act in particular situations.

You’ll gain new perspectives and opinions. Along the same vein, group trips will allow you to gain new perspectives, whether that’s through the trip itself or your interactions with other travelers. Like any form of travel, group trips allow you to expand your views and outlooks. You’ll get to places you’ve never been to and interact with people who you normally wouldn’t meet. Through your new acquaintances, you’ll connect with individuals of different.

backgrounds and insights that differ from your own. As a whole, group travel offers you eye-opening experiences and adventures to learn more about the world and the people in it.

If you and your group would like to–ahem–get on board with On Trak Limos, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 410-207-3700 or

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